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Hope Oriabure Hunter and Jennifer Okosun can speak on several topics regarding what to do with children at events, work-life balance, sales and marketing for business owners.

To book Hope Oriabure Hunter, Founder of Black-Tie Babysitting or Jennifer Okosun, DC/MD/VA Regional Director of Black-Tie Babysitting for media appearances and speaking engagements please email us at


Kiddie Wedding Crashers-Lowering the cost of kids at your wedding reception

Traditionally, brides and grooms take painstaking steps to ensure that all their invited guest have an unforgettable experience at their wedding. Often times littlest guests are forgotten. Children guest can make a costly emotional and financial impact if not planned for. Although kid-manipulated mishaps can make you money on America’s Most Funniest home videos, these are a few ideas to lower the cost at your wedding reception.

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Tailgating With Tykes

In an effort to prepare my little boys (four-year-old Zachary and 6-year-old Xavier) I formulated a plan that can be used to successfully tailgate in any home with little guests. Set the expectation that you will be viewing the game. If your children are stubborn like mine you might want to start talking up the football game a day in advance.

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Give a Budget Bride a Break : Part I

As a vendor in the wedding industry my inbox is bombarded with articles and invites for workshops on how to lure the “upscale bride.” I was moved to write when I got an article titled, “Get a Nordstrom’s Bride in a Wal-MartWorld.” Well unlike some of my counterparts in the industry, Black-Tie Babysitting doesn’t think shying away from the “budget bride” is the answer. 

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