Kiddie Wedding Crashers-Lowering the cost of kids at your wedding reception

Traditionally, brides and grooms take painstaking steps to ensure that all their invited guest have an unforgettable experience at their wedding.  Often times littlest guests are forgotten.  Children guest can make a costly emotional and financial impact if not planned for. Although kid-manipulated mishaps can make you money on America’s Most Funniest home videos, these are a few ideas to lower the cost at your wedding reception.

1. Creating a guest list can be challenging in and of itself, but this is a good time to sit with your finance and decide if your wedding will be a child-free event. If you choose to invite friends and family with children be sure to address it on the RSVP card. Then call them on the phone or send an email to confirm if they are bringing their kids, half the battle is knowing how many children will be there. You may plan differently if you know 25 kids will be in attendance.

2. Class your guests with children together when creating a seating chart. Guest with children will be more patient and forgiving of little guests’ behavior. Also, guests with children may be more conscious of their own behavior including, language and alcohol consumption. Aside from seating your children guest together ask the venue if there is another room you can have as a “chill-down” area for tired children and nursing mothers.

3. To make sure the next “Dancing with the Stars” contestant doesn’t steal the show during your special dances ask the DJ to make an annoucement. The announcement does not have to be rude and can be generalized to everyone like, “please no moving around as the bride and groom approach the floor for their first dance.”

4. Catered meals account for a good part of the wedding budget. If you choose to have a seated dinner, ask if your caterer provides children’s plates. Children’s plates are not normally the same price and reduce waste.

5. See if there is an on-site childcare service in your area. Black-Tie Babysitting provides on-site childcare at special occasions and events in the Dallas/Ft.worth Metroplex. At your wedding reception, we will bring our staff to your location to entertain and supervise the children while your guests relax and enjoy themselves. You provide a separate room and we provide the activities and arts and crafts and a qualified staff. We provide RSVP cards for your event free of charge with the purchase of an elite package.

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