About Black-Tie Babysitting

Babysitting may be in our name, but we’re not just babysitters. 


We’re thoughtful event planners. The guests at our parties may be a little smaller than those who typically attend a wedding or conference, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Our spaces are designed to coordinate with the main event and are jam-packed with activities that will appeal to every child guest. 


We’re compassionate, professional caregivers. Our intake forms go beyond basic safety information; we also want to know what your baby’s favorite toy is, or the special tune you hum to calm your kiddo down. Our staff is trained in first aid and CPR, but more importantly, every single sitter has a heart for children.


We’re safety-obsessed. We’re parents, too, and we know how worrying about your child can distract from prepping for your big keynote speech or enjoying your wedding reception. That’s why we have a thorough intake process and limit entry to parents only.


We’re Black-Tie Babysitting.


Black-Tie Babysitting provides luxury event childcare. Our services are perfect for weddings, conferences, seminars, expos, trade shows, galas, company parties and other events. We’re headquartered in North Texas surrounding the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area. Our second location serves the greater Washington, D.C. area, including Maryland and Virginia. We love working with all children, from newborns to age 11, including those with special needs.

Hope and her team provided childcare for our good friend's wedding and we couldn't have been happier with their services.  We have a highly-active 3-year-old and always feel anxious about bringing him to events where we'll have to keep him still or chase him around all night.  With Black-Tie we had a safe and quiet place for him to play, and as an added bonus, we were able to socialize with some of the other parents at the wedding.

— Scott Fisher


Meet The Founder


I’m Hope Oriabure Hunter, but you can call me Mommy Deluxe. 


(Did you have a Barbie Deluxe Camper growing up? You know, the one with the bed, kitchen, camping gear and a pool? It was one of my favorite toys.)


Just like Barbie’s camper, I have all the bells and whistles: 

I’m a mom of four, a wife and a devoted daughter. 

I love talkin’ politics, dancin’ to Afrobeats and cookin’ up a storm. 

I went to college, went to work in the corporate world, and now I’m a busy entrepreneur.


I’m so much more than just a mom, but when my kids were little, it was really hard for me to embrace the “deluxe” part of my life. You’re a parent, so I know you get it: you receive a wedding invitation that says “adults only,” decline an amazing work opportunity out of town because you’re not sure who will watch the kids, and all of a sudden it’s been five years and your social life has completely disappeared. 


I think it’s about time we stop that, don’t you? 


That’s why Black-Tie Babysitting exists — because I believe families should be able to attend formal events together. I can’t wait to play with your little ones at your next event so you get to enjoy all the deluxe features of your life. 



Hope Oriabure Hunter

CEO, Black-Tie Babysitting 

Let's Roll Out the red carpet for your littlest guests

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