Rolling out the red carpet for your littlest guest!

Who we are

Black-Tie Babysitting is a premier on-site childcare provider for special events and occasions.  We are committed to our tag line “rolling out the red carpet for your littlest guests.”  By providing age appropriate activities with arts and crafts, children can enjoy an event specially designed for them.

Hope Oriabure – King  is a seasoned client relationship professional who is passionate about ethical customer relations. She spent 14 years honing her skills  and decided to utilize her experience for something she is passionate about-children and families.  With four children of her own she appreciates the fun and laughter of children but understands celebrants’ wishes to have child-free occasions.  She serves as a liaison with the community, vendors, and other local marketing partners to strategize and align Black-Tie Babysitting’s services with what the marketplace requires.  By servicing events such as weddings, business meetings, and other occasions it is a win-win for all parties involved.

Our Philosophy

We believe your littlest guest should be a consideration when planning events.  By providing a separate room for your children guests, Black-Tie can create their event.  With as much preparation and care as a bride & groom may select the right venue, music and food, Black-Tie Babysitting does to ensure that children are treated as guest and not like coats left in a closet until it is time to go.

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