We Will Never Be You

I love my family, with their support I have been able to build Black-Tie Babysitting into a business that is changing how people feel about children at special occasions and events. Whenever, I can’t take my children with me they graciously watch them for me.  When I walk in to see my 6-year-old sleeping peacefully in his clothes instead of pajamas or the snacks that I closely rationed out all week eaten in their entirety I realize something—despite my families efforts and good intentions they will never be me.

 At Black-Tie Babysitting, we will never take care of your kids the way you do, but we will come close and this is how: 


Although we are not required to be licensed like a brick and mortar daycare we DO follow staff to child ratios very closely.

We DO background checks on all our staff and do not just hire people to work a job, but employ people who have a heart for children and working with them.

We DO observe the fact that kids are dressed nicely and monitor their eating, crafting, and game playing so they stay picture ready to the end.We typically do not play games that will have them sliding across the floor in their new church shoes.


We DON’T include video games (unless requested) in our arsenal of activities but focus on imaginative play that includes everyone, including children, staff, and the occasional uncle who wants to play.

We DON’T have our backs to the children at anytime.  Even though “sit” is in our name we rarely do.

We DON’T remove parent guest from their events for fussy babies or rowdy kids.  As long as the parents are comfortable with us we can handle it! If you as a parent, ever have questions or comments feel free to contact me directly at hope@blacktiebabysitting.com

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