Pipsqueak Review – Arlington Hall At Lee Park

When you’re a parent, other people’s weddings bring a unique stress. While having a professional child care service like Black-Tie Babysitting can help, you still may worry about the particulars of the venue; so we have decided to provide a review of the wonderful venues we partner with to, “roll out the red carpet for your littlest guest.” We hope to provide insight into each of these venues for your unique perspective as parents.

 Arlington Hall is situated in the heart of historic Lee Park.  To your children it will look like a big white house.  For adult guest it is a “residential style venue with fine furnishings and upscale appointments.”  Arlington Hall has two terraces and portico with access outdoors.  They also have a lawn and formal garden.

THE PARKING There is an open air parking lot with valet on the premises.  It is a circle drive so you may want to keep strollers and all other baby gear where you can easily pull it out so you do not cause a bottle neck—all our daycare drivers know exactly what we mean. 

THE ROOM      For our purposes our events took place indoors, in the Dallas Room.  The room is a nice size with fine furnishings.  However, the furniture were mostly anchor pieces and for the most part out of the way of play for little guest.  Arlington Hall provided square tables and nice chairs for the children to sit.  In our previous event we had small kid tables and chair sets.  It’s nice to work with a venue that will allow flexibility in the set up for little guest. The floors are a nice hardwood so shoes or bare feet are recommended.

THE BATHROOMS The bathrooms are down the hall from the Dallas Room.  While there is not a Koala baby changing station there is a long granite counter top that can be used with a disposable changing bad and quick hands.  For potty trainers that you may accompany to the bathroom, the stall doors go almost to the floor so you don’t have to worry about little people getting under and out when you are using the bathroom. For breast feeding mothers, if there is not a childcare room provided the Bridal Suite is private, right off the bathrooms and offers comfortable seating.

THE FOOD Arlington Hall is known for their celebration menus “designed for the romantic ambience” but they also have chicken strips, French fries, pizza, and fruit salad.  Familiar food that pleases little people’s pallets always helps them feel at home. 

THE STAFF The staff is excellent and as much painstaking attention is taken to artfully prepare dishes so is it served. 

THE SHORT OF IT We love Arlington Hall, how it’s tucked away in a lush park that has several cute breeds of dogs your children want to pet and so much more we mentioned above.  One thing to be conscious of, is that the “magic of Arlington Hall’s interior design is the lyrical flow of one space into another,”can be challenging for sleepy kids. The Dallas Room is next door to the Great Hall where our occasions took place so we could hear the party going. Please check out Arlington Hall at Lee Park for yourself at www.arlingtonhallatleepark.com.

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